Peak Hospitality

Simmons Hospitality

Peak Hospitality has the unique opportunity to provide Simmons Hospitality to the hospitality industry.

For many decades, Simmons has been equipping hotels with perhaps the single most important item in their guest rooms – the bed. So it’s not surprising that the Simmons Beautyrest® mattress is featured in fine hotels and resorts around the world. The Heavenly Bed®, a runaway success for Westin® Hotels and Resorts, is a Simmons product. And our latest innovation, the HealthSmart® Bed combines all the comfort of a Beautyrest® with a unique removable top to solve, once and for all, the cleanliness issue for hotel beds.

Simmons Hospitality offers:
• Beautyrest® Mattress: the world’s only Do Not Disturb mattress.
• HealthSmart® Mattress Cover: The freshest thinking in hotel bedding yet.
• EverNU™ Mattress Top