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Gotcha Covered

Peak Hospitality has the unique opportunity to provide Gotcha Covered to the hospitality industry.

Gotcha Covered was launched in 1996 when Lisa Bernath bought one of those new-fangled memory foam pillows sweeping the nation. When she couldn’t find a pillowcase to fit, she designed one herself.

Lisa knew that there must be other people out there who were having the same problem, and convinced (begged) her childhood friend, Margalit Grunberger, to go into business with her. Together, they started the first odd-sized pillowcase company.

With prototypes in hand, they pitched their odd idea to a national back care retailer. The managers were thrilled that someone had finally made the decision to fill their customers’ needs. The original idea propelled them into a niche business, marking the company as THE odd-sized bedding specialists.

Gotcha Covered has blossomed and now offers luxurious high-end sheets, premium mattress & pillow protectors, mattress protectors for bed bugs which includes Protect-a-Bed, bedskirts, pillowcases for visco pillows, duvet covers, blankets and more. Their line of products can be found at retailers nationwide as well as hotels and B&Bs.

Gotcha Covered offers:
• Pillowcases- Visco Foam
• Bed & Pillow Protection
• Pillows
• Sheets
• Pure-Organic
• Rollaway Sheets
• Sofa Sleeper Sheet Sets
• Blankets
• Comforters & Duvet Covers
• Bedskirts for Adjustables
• Medical
• Matellase Collection
• Shower Curtains

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